Harding's Family Martial Arts

Specializing in KAJUKENBO Karate

    Founded in Hawaii in the 1940's, KAJUKENBO is an American Mixed Martial Art. It is a combination of several martial arts styles. These include Karate, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Kenpo and Boxing. KAJUKENBO was developed by Adriano Emperado, Frank Ordonez, Peter Choo, Joe Holck and George Chang. These founders were known as the Black Belt Society.

   The main focus of KAJUKENBO is self-defense, with the idea being that one needs to be flexible in technique and method in order to fit the situation. The reason KAJUKENBO focuses primarily on self-defense, and part of the original reason it was created, was the fact that in Hawaii, the founders of KAJUKENBO lived in rough neighborhoods and self-defense was a necessity. To deal with this problem these five men came together to form a martial art based on street fighting and real-world self-defense. By combining the most effective parts of many different martial arts styles, they were able to develop a very effective self-defense system known as KAJUKENBO.

   One of the main principles of KAJUKENBO is flexibility. Not necessarily physical flexibility, but rather mental flexibility. This means that depending on the situation one is in, a person must adapt to it and perhaps change their plan of defense. KAJUKENBO teaches that if one thing doesn't work, you go on to the next, and the next, etc.